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The Zaiderman Law Group, P.C.

Corporate + Employment Practice


Corporate Filings + Governance

Let us set up your company. If you are a budding entrepreneur or simply want corporate protection, we can file the right documents to get you started. Speak with our highly experienced corporate counsel to file your incorporation documentation, application for assumed name, or one of the many other corporate filings you may need. 


Employment Contracts + Corporate Consultation

Our lawyers can be your corporate counsel. New York State recently updated the employment laws regarding discrimination in the workplace. Our firm has experience in helping you navigate these new laws and implement policies and draft agreements to help protect your company and your employees. We offer consulting services to review your current agreements and corporate operations and offer strategies to improve and update them to promote a positive company culture and protect your legal interests. Our firm also generates and personalizes a variety of agreements to suit your needs.


Trademark + Copyright protection

We help to protect your brand identity by offering cost-effective legal advice to assist you in choosing an effective trademark, clear the mark for use and register it with the USPTO. We vigorously represent your interests in trademark infringement actions and help to maintain your exclusive use of your trademark by regularly updating your protection.  We can conduct basic searches, national and/or international searches, file your name, logo, slogan, or combination of the above depending upon your need.