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Extraordinary Artists: O1 + EB1

Our firm helps our artists assess, prepare, and file their visa application to the USCIS. Whether you are a student, looking to convert to an 'O' category visa, an athlete or artist coming in for a short period of time, an extraordinary artist ready to work in the United States, or a seasoned pro, ready to self-sponsor a Green Card application, our immigration consultants have the experience to make your dreams a reality.

Do I qualify?

If you have an internationally-recognized award like an Oscar or Grammy, then that will suffice as evidence for your O-1B visa. Otherwise, you will need to submit evidence of at least three of these things:

  • That you have been and will be a lead role in a reputable production.
  • Recognition for your achievements on a national or international scale.
  • Having a lead or starring role in a reputable organization.
  • Commercial success in your field demonstrated by reviews, newspapers, publications, etc.
  • Recognition from organizations for your achievements.
  • A large salary that indicates your extraordinary ability.

This list is not exhaustive and we will help assess your case on an individual basis. 

Am I an artist?

The definition of an artist is a varied as the numerous artistic disciplines there are - visual arts, technical/decorative arts, performing arts. Below is a list of just some of the categories of artists with whom we have worked: Architects, composers, painters, photographers, jewelry designers, event planners, dancers, musical theater performers, contortionists, film/TV actors, make-up artists, VFX and computer animation artists, among others.


Love is complicated. Visas should be easy. If you are a U.S. citizen, you may file an immigrant petition for a parent, spouse, sibling, adult child (married or unmarried) and minor child.  

If you are a lawful permanent resident (green card holder), you may petition for certain family members, though you will qualify to petition for fewer categories of family members. As a lawful permanent resident, the family members you may petition for are limited to your spouse, adult unmarried child, and minor child. Let us assist you in determining the best path for your family.



Specialty Occupations


As part of our practice, we provide immigration support to investment and entrepreneurial organizations, in a range of legal matters, including:

  • Investors and treaty traders E-1/E-2: In countries with which the United States shares a treaty of commerce, individuals and certain employees may be eligible for admittance to the U.S. when making substantial investments in a United States business.
  • Permanent residence through investment: Depending on the circumstances, immigration options are available for foreign nationals seeking to become permanent residents of the United States to invest in U.S. commercial enterprises.


Shannon Moon, Architect


With an immigration process that is stressful and overwhelming (…at best), it is indispensable to have someone to guide you through. The Zaiderman Law Group stewards you though the ups and downs with patience and compassion, giving guidelines that are succinct and clear to execute. Their prompt responses to emails and willingness to advise on the application never leaves you feeling like you’re in the dark and fosters a sense that they are as committed to a successful outcome as you are. I highly recommend The Zaiderman Law Group and know that others in a similar situation will benefit from their extensive knowledge and professionalism. I am personally so thankful that Dan Boruchowitz got me through this process and am certain that my successful outcome was testament to his dedication and genuine care for his clients dreams and aspirations.

Kei Tsuruharatani, Dancer


 I would not say that the visa process was easy or stress-free, but the lawyers at ZLG surely made it as comfortable as it could be for me. The team converted my O-1 visa to an EB-1 visa/Green Card path, through collaboration, organization and incredible hard work. Since obtaining my Green Card, I have made it on Broadway, in Lincoln Center's smash hit, The King and I, with a world of opportunity available to me.  It’s still a competitive industry, but it’s nice to have one burden taken off my shoulders - thank you ZLG!

Aidan Sank, Arts Educator


Putting your fate into someone else's hands can be such a vulnerable thing to do, so it was imperative to me that I found someone who I trusted and was comfortable with. Since Dan and Gena both come from an arts background themselves, they seemed to have an acute understanding of the entertainment industry and of my individual position as an artist. The warmth, friendliness and attention to detail that both of them brought to our meetings consistently made me feel secure and comfortable in the process as they moved my application forward. It is my impression that they really are decent people who care about their clients, and I think that's evident in their work. Their prices are competitive, their product is excellent, they are accessible and easy to reach whenever I have questions. I honestly could not recommend them highly enough. If you are looking for lawyers who will give you personal and individualized attention and will put forth an application that is well-crafted and highly detailed, Dan and Gena are definitely the right fit. It is my great pleasure to give their services my fullest endorsement.

Plu, Dancer/drag Artist


Plu worked with ZLG to get his initial and a renewal on his O1-B Visa as an Extraordinary Performing Artist.

Mengchen Zhou, animator


Mengchen was granted a three year O1-B Visa as an Extraordinary Graphic Artist and Animator.

Yuki Saito, Photographer


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